Sculpture Carving Programme

Instructor: Marcus Tatton

Course Dates:  

Please contact us for future course dates.


Tuition: $385 for 2 days.

Materials: $60


Following registration students will be provided with a list of required basic hand tools. 

Course Description:

International Award winning sculptor Marcus Tatton is staging these carving and sculpture sessions in the comfort of well appointed Forestvale Design Centre Art School in the peaceful setting of rural Bruny Island.

The 2 day programme suits novices and experienced artists alike.  A broad range of techniques and sculpture media will be demonstrated and explored.

Tatton has staged sculpture classes in Tasmanian Tafe and University courses as well as in Sculpture forums in America and in Denmark.  He believes in bringing out the creative spirit in each of us, and can work with each individual to build on whatever experience they bring to the session.

Tatton began his art school years carving New Zealand kauri bas relief panels and was influenced heavily by his childhood spent amidst Maori cultural traditions in rural central North Island.  As he completed 5 years of artschool (majoring in Furniture Design) Tatton was building percussion drums for musicians around Australia.  This involved spending numerous days in Tasmania’s rainforest areas where he and his artschool friend would carve solid tree sections into drum blanks before kiln drying them and detail carving them back at the studio. Sculpture has always been Tatton’s first passion, and he has made it his life over the last 24 years since graduating. He currently lives in Allens Rivulet just south of Hobart and travels to sculpture forums around Australia to create outdoor public sculptures.  By visiting his website on  you can see the wide range of messages and media that Tatton employs.

Course Schedule

Session 1 - Morning

Clay Modelling – Figurative. Imaginative. Drawing. Designing.

Session 2 - Afternoon

Wax modelling and construction techniques. Drawing. Designing.

Session 3 - All Day

Relief carving.  Wood and plaster.  Panels for furnishings.

Woodblock cutting and printing.


For more information about Sculpture Carving with Marcus Tatton, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0414 732 941 or send us an email.